Missouri requires 48 hours to be obtained between March 1, 2021 and February 28, 2023.

Missouri allows licensees to obtain all 48 hours via online courses. All of our classes have been approved by the Missouri State Board of Chiropractic Examiners as Formal Hours.

Missouri Has New Continuing Education Rules Starting With The March 2019 through February 2021 Renewal Cycle

Effective October 31st, 2019, Missouri has decreased the number of formal categories from 16 to 5, and also reduced the number of minimum required categories from 3 to 2. The new rules state:

At least twenty-four (24) hours of the required forty-eight (48) hours of continuing education shall be earned by attending formal continuing education programs, seminars, and/or workshops that have been approved by
the board.
(A) A licensee shall obtain the required formal continuing education hours from no less than two (2) of the following formal categories:

  1. Diagnostic imaging (X ray);
  2. Differential or physical diagnosis or both;
  3. Record keeping and/or Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP) notes;
  4. Principles, techniques, and/or adjunctive procedures; or
  5. Meridian Therapy/acupressure/acupuncture.

If you practice acupuncture, you must obtain 12 hours of board approved continuing education in acupuncture as part of the 48 hours required for each 2 year renewal cycle. These hours will count towards your minimum 24 hours of formal, “Board Approved” classes.

20 CSR 2070-2.031 (7) The acupuncture certification shall be renewed at the time of licensure renewal. The licensee shall obtain twelve (12) hours of board approved continuing education in meridian therapy prior to the expiration date of the license. The twelve (12) hours of continuing education in meridian therapy shall apply to the twenty-four (24) hours of formal continuing education required to maintain the chiropractic license and shall not include dry needling.

PLEASE NOTE – Any hours taken after March 1, 2019 in the previous 16 categories will count for this renewal cycle. In short, if the Board approved any class taken after March 1, 2019 (i.e., the class has a Missouri Board Approval Number), then the class WILL count for the current renewal cycle ending February 28, 2021. ALL CLASSES presented by DC-PowerHours in 2019 were approved by the board and WILL count for the License renewal cycle ending February 28, 2021.

The Missouri Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires the following Disclaimer: “Approval of this course
is not an acknowledgement or ruling by the board that the methods taught in this course are recognized and
approved by the board as the appropriate practice of chiropractic as defined in section 331.010, RSMo.”