Nebraska requires 36 hours to be obtained by August 1, 2022.

Nebraska normally allows only 6 hours of online training per renewal cycle, but due to COVID-19, Licensees may take all 36 hours online while the State Declaration of Public Health Emergency is in effect.

The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services does NOT pre-approve continuing education
providers, sponsors or individual programs. It is the licensees’ responsibility to
determine if the continuing education programs they attend meet the requirements of
their professional licensure board. Based on the Criteria as stated in the Statute:

Nebraska CE Rules

All Classes should meet the requirements for Continuing Education in Nebraska,
specifically in the required 4 hour blocks of X-ray, Technique and/or Diagnosis.
However, law states you may not obtain more than 8 hours in 1 day for credit.

For More Information, please visit the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services web page at